My top 7 Game Controller review

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My top 7 Game Controller review

Post by RoboCop » Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:45 pm

In this topic I'm going to be discussing and reviewing my top seven Game Controllers. This includes not only the common gamepads, but also joysticks, steering wheels and so on. But those controllers are not only from 1st Party gaming companies, but also from 3rd Parties as well. Now the rating not only depends on my preference but also those key factors:-

>> Ergonomic handling
>> Robust and durability
>> Adequate controls
>> Input lag reduction
>> And how it is easier for casual gamers

So first of from #7 is the NES Controller:-

This 1985 gamepad is not also iconic but a great controller for playing NES games that had great gaming quality and gameplay. Unlike the older Atari 2600 with the DE-9 Serial port that only consists of only one fire button, but this NES controller is excellent for Platform, Shoot-Em-Up, Action, RPG as well as Puzzle games. Because of the extra buttons that allow you to pause by pressing the Start button as well using the either the A or B button for jumping and firing, this makes this control a legendary icon - even for Disney's Wreck-It Ralph film as it was used as a "Easter Egg Vault". The quality build is solid and doesn't break as much when using old joysticks that are liable to fall apart due to the wearing-and-tearing, or when using it to waggle too rapidly or put too much pressure. The only downside is that the NES controller is box shaped and is not very ergo as the pointy corners can prod and stab your palms, which can be painful. And the Select and Start buttons are too far away from the player's each as they generally hold the controller from the bottom corners, and not close enough as it located in the centre.

#6 QuickShot XV:-

Now most of you aren't very familiar with this joystick but this is the improvement model over the old 1977 Atari 2600 Joystick. This is much more easier to handle as well got suction cups underneath to allow a better grip. I had a feel of this joystick and the thumb fire button feel great and comfy, as well as the trigger fire button. Not also this works on the Atari 2600 but also for the Amiga, C64, Master System and the ZX Spectrum. But you will need the Kempston Interface addon for this joystick to work. Some other QuickShot joysticks have Auto-Fire or Rapid Fire Mode, that are ideal for Shoot-Em-Up games that require players to fire as quickly as they can, but they aren't recommended to compete against your opponent beside you, due to unfair advantages - of course.

#5 SNES Controller:-

This is much better than the NES version as it contains more buttons as well as the L and R shoulder buttons. The feel of it and the way I had handled this joypad is amazing. It is very good for playing Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat. By the way the American version of the SNES Controller doesn't have the coloured X,Y,A,B buttons despite that the X any Y buttons are concave shaped and the A and B buttons are convex shaped. The problem is with the SNES joypad is that casual gamers struggle to know which button to press for the correct action applied for gaming, but the Japanese and EU SNES pad gives you the coloured buttons to assist casual gamers to determine which button to press.

#4 Logitech G27:-

This PC Steering Wheel is also compatible with the PS2 and PS3, but this wheel deserves the medal! Even that this wheel is discontinued since 2015 and has been replaced by the G29 for PS4s and the G920 for the XBox One. They are a few downsides to the newer generations. First is they removed the D-Pad and the 8 buttons from the Gear module, as I generally use those for changing my view mode and use those red buttons like I'm actually touching that Euro Truck Simulator 2 SatNav. Despite that the G27 doesn't support XInput like the G920, it doesn't include the Gear module, as that can only be bought separately. Because the G920 got too many buttons as well makes the steering wheel have the RGB Rev Counter removed and have the XBox Hot Key located in the bottom centre, it makes it hard for the player to handle, as most racing games in intensive situations makes it hard. So it is quite reasonable that the G27 makes it easier for those 3 red buttons on both the far sides of the wheel, because it allows my thumb to reach those buttons. And when I'm at a stop light with my hand at the gearstick as well as using the D-Pad to look Left & Right in City Car Driving and ETS2, as well use Rear Mirror View, and it makes it easy to navigate and shift gear. And the leather feel and durability of this wheel and gear-stick is great and the pedals feel like a real car pedal.

#3 Wii Remote:-

Well there is nothing better than the Wii Remote, except for the Motion Plus and Nunchuk for it to perform at it best. Because the Wii Remote has a unique interface as well as using the Gyroscope, Accelerometer, IR motion and wireless connection, that most casual and some hardcore gamers like it. The feel and the use of this WiiMote is amazing, as well as very light and smooth. The new strap with the clamping feature and the silica jacket makes it better for gripping and to easily strap my WiiMote on my wrist. Also the separate Wii Motion Plus module and jacket makes it easier for me to play golf as my lower palm can give me a feel and simulate on holding a golf club. But the one cool thing about this WiiMote is using it as a ninja sword and using my Nunchuk as a second sword.

#2 GameCube Controller:-

This controller is almost like the perfect controller for gamers overall. Personally I prefer the black, gold or even the silver versions of this gamepad, as Indigo isn't that suitable. The Stick and C-Stick feels good with the contour circles for increased friction and the octagon space around the sticks makes it easy for knowing which axis is currently at a perfect diagonal, as well as horizontally and vertically. The green A button is wider than the other neighbouring buttons and the red B button feels good and helps to know which colour to press when playing mini-games like Mario Party and WarioWare. The groves and the ergonomic design of the L and R analog trigger buttons are amazing and is ideal for using them as pedals for Need For Speed games and aiming & shooting for action games. There aren't many downsides, other than having only one Z shoulder button and that the D-Pad and C-Stick are a bit tiny as well that my pinkie and ring finger need to be tucked in as the bulky base underneath can be a problem. And I prefer the wired version, despite the risk of tugging and getting the chord tangled because of the lower input lag and no chance of communication, that occurs in wireless controllers.

#1 Logitech F510:-

My "numero uno" controller is the F510. Why is this my favourite and not even the Steam Controller or even the X360 controller, may ask? Well this supports both DirectInput and XInput by flicking the switch underneath. The F510 as a rubber polymer grip for my hand to easily handle it. I use this F510 for my RetroPie on my Raspberry Pi a lot and for those Steam Games on my PC as well! Because it supports on most of the Steam Games as well as games, that this controller makes it rock! The coloured X,Y,A,B buttons makes it useful and the sticks feel as good and easy to grip and press. The Logitech Profiler makes it easy for older PC games like Tomb Raider to control Lara as well use the buttons for jumping, drawing guns and using flares. The D-Pad feels okay, but the advantage is switching between which higher priority mode for either the L-Stick and D-Pad for certain games, with the Mode button provided. Unlike the F310 the F510 supports rumble, but to be honest I don't know why Logitech discontinued the F510 in favour for the non-rumble version and the wireless F710. Besides have F310 is worthless without a rumble, and again the wireless version is liable for input lag and interference. And as for the X360 version, it isn't as cheap as the F510 despite on the more solid build quality.

What is your favourite Game Controller that you prefer? Also I would understand especially for older gamers that suffer from Arthritis or with a muscular dysfunction. Beside we want the controllers to feel comfortable as well not stress or put too much painful pressure inside our hands, do we?
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