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[APG] Goals for Improvement

Post by RoboCop » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:29 am

The problem is with gameservers that use only VAC alone as well as PB support, that had been abandoned for certain games like CoD4 are really disconcerting for some players. Not to forgot that some innocent players had been unfairly VAC banned, due to their Steam accounts were professionally hijacked – without those Phishing Spambots.

As for our gameplay some players had disagreed on how we made the rules not mainly for hardcore gamers, but more for “well-balanced” players as we want to train and help our players learn the key principles and tips on how to score better. Besides it is not our fault that our players don’t understand English and kicking them or not having the opportunity to reason or try to explain the rules in a simpler terms, can have a negative impact to our clan’s reputation. Now English maybe classed as a World Language as it is widely used in the internet, doesn’t necessarily mean ALL players should only speak or type English. Demanding or forcing players to type English ingame can be extremely harsh and off-putting. Even so our forums and servers prefer to only have English Texts or Speeches but in order to make [APG] foreign friendly and diverse, is using Multilingual Sub-Boards and Multilingual Text in Discord. The problem is with Google Translate is kinda got the similar drawback to Wikipedia as random users could tamper or mess up the accuracy of the text translations – making it not 100% reliable.

Some gamers think that we use cheat plugins like God Mode for our Main TF2 Achievement server makes our gameplay unfair. Well just to put any those “cheat” command rumours to rest. No we don’t use those Admin Cheats on all of our servers. Those admin commands are for achievement purposes only, like avoiding players to ruin or mess up their TF2 dancing taunts; but we don’t use wacky plugins nor cheats for tactical multiplayer servers. Because for like L4D2 its really dependant on for other players to cooperate as well have some faith on learning the maps and key items. You may come across some PAYDAY 2 mods like HoxHud or WolfHud which gives visual aid as well as avoiding some mishaps, like letting go of the action key to use pager when in stealth mode. Well those are sort of plugins we tend to use for our servers to help our players get the best gameplay and gain better experience without any embarrassing mistakes. Here in [APG] we try to help players get certain achievements as well teach him some key areas for planting C4s, capturing flags as well as secret paths in certain maps. But for some hardcore games that involve having things really well prepared like PAYDAY 2 Overdrill mission, as well getting essential inventory unlocks and EXP for Guild Wars 2 – can be a tricky mission. Not everyone prefers playing CSGO, BF4, CoD:MW3 as well as PAYDAY 2 and Killing Floor 2 like everyone else.

Speaking of cheats I’ve learned for nearly 12 years on anti-cheating as well detecting cheats being used in our servers. Because VAC fails to detect Wall Hack, even so that CSGO had added Anti-Wall Hack in their server configuration, but that doesn’t apply to its other Source servers as well as CS 1.6 and maybe Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. We want to keep our servers as secure as possible. But remember you cannot put a complete stop to any hacks nor threats, as you can only put those to a possible minimum.

So just to summarise here is our key goals:-

• Keep our servers regulated by using important Anti-cheats and not VAC alone
• Respecting our players who obey our rules
• Allow Non-English speaking gamers to understand the basics of playing in our servers
• Assisting players on some tough challenges and extreme hard achievements
• Cooperating and sticking together with your team mates
• Providing some high-rated downloads and important files
• Collecting maps for sharing to our players for preserving maps better
• Gain more recognition by finding sponsors and helping other communities to setup events
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