!!! [APG] Xmas Competition 2018 !!!

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!!! [APG] Xmas Competition 2018 !!!

Post by RoboCop » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:56 pm

Well I believe that most gameservers are in peril due to the fact that some players are under threat by hijack attacks as well had no clue that they have been encountered by "Pro" players that worm their way in using WallHack as VAC fails to detect WallHacks. Even innocent players were VAC banned from playing CoD:MW3 as well as CSGO as their VAC protection are not top notch. But in [APG] we don't use VAC nor PB alone and we need your support and help, that will make you proud as a asset to [APG].

Because this is what is competition is about: [APG] are looking for the most helpful player in our community. Recently we have gained around a dozen fans for helping them set up their events for DeathMatch Classic, Opposing Force and Half-Life DeathMatch. But our Source Servers like CSGO, DoD:S, TF2 as well as maybe our Guild Wars 2 Guild need a tune up as well gain fans for our newer servers as they need players as well you to report on key bugs or performance issues at once! "What's in it for me?" you may ask. Well you will be rewarded a Steam game between €15-€65 for all your hard working efforts.

The rules apply the same as our previous competition but I'll remind you the basics of winning:-

>> Be democratic to our other members and players by helping them gain achievements in TF2 achievements
>> Try to arrange and maybe turn up for certain events to avoid any disappointment for our members who setup certain game events
>> Play on our servers and spot for any suspicious errors or bugs
>> Post the smart suggestions in our forums to improve our services in a sensible and assertive manner - no foul negative comments or overdemanding suggestions
>> Help offer trades more in our servers provided near our guests
>> Being active on our other servers apart from TF2 as we cannot rely on our main TF2 server all the time.
>> Arrange your friends and our members to maybe setup a event, like get those very hard achievements from PAYDAY 2 for rare unlocks
>> And to show [APG] on your asset skills to prove how useful you are.

But there are a few rules that may disqualify you from winning the competition:-

>> No antagonising or being abusive to our players and members
>> No using admin to make yourself "high and mighty" like passively aggressively boasting, using admin burn or slay too often without permission
>> No excessive micspam or random vulgar posts or comments
>> And no ignorant excuses or being ruthless.

Also there's some bonus tasks that will also increase your chances of winning:-

>> Uploading more cool top notch downloads to our Download site provided = http://apg-clan.org/vbdownloads.php
>> Testing if our [APG] Arcade games work, as we will remove Flash support that will fail to work = http://apg-clan.org/arcade.php
>> And using your translation skills to post a Tutorial Thread in our multilingual forums, despite the inactivity, the viewings still counts as the viewers can learn the gaming skills in various languages = http://apg-clan.org/forumdisplay.php/22 ... ual-Boards

1st = €60 worth a Steam game or bundle
2nd = €40 " " " " " "
3rd = €35 " " " " " "
4th = €15 " " " " " "

Those prizes will be gift given by me for those who won. If you are interested, why don't you please sign up and post your recruitment application; that way you will have a better chance of winning.

Plus be sure to add every game in your Steam Wishlist so I can gift you those prizes by surprise and rank which game you want the most.

Competition closes near 23rd of December?
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