Hot Wheels Vs MatchBox

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Hot Wheels Vs MatchBox

Post by RoboCop » Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:57 pm

Well do you remember having toy cars like Hot Wheels and MatchBox - which appear compatible with each other for using their roads. But which of them are better? Personally for me, I don't know. However we have a video of the comparison and race test for Hot Wheels Vs MatchBox.

Did I own a set of Hot Wheels or MatchBox when I was a kid? Well yes the first was the MatchBox MotorCity 200 in Xmas 1990, followed by the Hot Wheels cars free from Happy Meals then my last was the MatchBox Super Spin Dry near 1997. But they don't seem as fun as Scalextric nor Lego Technic. Sadly my parents couldn't afford those expensive version, except the Scalextric bought near 1992 - which was a small simple circuit with only 2 cars.

From what I can remember those MatchBox cars maybe reinforced to not shatter when colliding but the plastic wheel axis was so fragile that they easily fell apart. I wasn't sure on some other kits like Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash as it seemed cool with the motorised booster. But I had to choose the MatchBox Super Spin Dry as that seemed safer than the Criss Cross Crash.

Here is a video of the quality review and race test:-

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