Black NIGHTS's Backstory+RP Info (kinda made up myself)

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Black NIGHTS's Backstory+RP Info (kinda made up myself)

Post by Darkmega » Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:43 pm

Black NiGHTS
Gender: Genderless, Referred as Male.

Black NiGHTS was created with a “What if” Theory. Being what if when NiGHTS rebelled against wizeman, an alternative version of NiGHTS was created to be it’s Opposite. (NiGHTS is genderless, so I'm calling the character an “It”, Okay?)

Black NiGHTS’s Personality is similar than NiGHTS. But, unlike NiGHTS, Black NiGHTS is loyal to Wizeman. Most of His Abilities are also similar to NiGHTS.

Black NiGHTS’S Looks are similar to nights, but most of his outfit is black. His Eyes are red, but they are hidden by the sunglasses he wears.


NiGHTS: Friend/Rival. Normally he only talks with it when he has nothing to do. when wizeman gives orders to capture NiGHTS, he normally either challenges for a battle (similar to Reala's Battle in NiGHTS into Dreams) or a race and goes easy on it, to say wizeman he failed. (either that NiGHTS got away or he got outmatched.)

Reala: Friend and the "go with" partner for most missions wizeman gives him. Usually High-Fives Reala after a successful mission.

Jackle: Friend, Usually hangs out on Jackle's place to relax after an successful mission.

Other Nightmarens: Has a mixed oppinion on them. some he likes, some he hates.

Visitors: Most of the time he ignores them. if wizeman gives an order to target a specific visitor, he normally says "Nothing Personal, Visitor. Just doing my job..." to the targeted visitor before continuing with his order.

Wizeman: Calls him by "Master" and mostly obeys his orders. (with an exeption. see above in NiGHTS's Relationship.)

(NEO Moves are around 3 times stronger than normal attacks, but they cause body strain on the user [As in it consumes both HP and SP/MP].)

HP: 5000
Attack: 500
Defense: 500
Speed: 1000
SP/MP: 5000

Offensive Moves:
Neo Paraloop (-50 HP and SP)
Does a loop on it’s target and then the target explodes. Deals a maximum of 500 Damage.
Neo Drill Dash (-30 HP and SP)
Does a simple dashing attack, Can Deal a maximum of 150 Damage, when dashing, the user is 6 times faster.
Neo Final Paraloop (-1000 HP and SP)
Does 10 Paraloops near an enemy to deal massive amount of damage. (Deals damage equal to 20 Paraloops)
Neo Nightmaren Blast (-100 HP and SP)
A simple nightmaren beam attack. Deals around 250 to 1000 Damage.

Defensive/Assist Moves:
Neo Nightmaren Deflect (-100 HP and SP)
A Small barrier is created in the users right (Or Left) arm. Can be used to only defect attacks
Neo Nightmaren Barrier (-120 HP and SP)
A Bigger Shield is created when the user crosses it’s arms in X shape. It is significantly more powerful than both nightmaren deflect and reflect.
Neo Nightmaren Reflect (-250 HP and SP)
If succeeded, The Attack will be reflected.
Nightmaren Heal (-125 MP +500 HP)
Heals a Target.
Neo Nightmaren Revive (-250 HP and SP)
Revives a fallen teammate with all of it’s HP.
SP Conversion (-150 HP +50 SP)
Decreases HP to gain SP
Neo power burst (-10 HP and SP Per Second)
Triples the user’s Stats. After disabling this technique, the user is weakened.

Special Attack:
Black NiGHTS’s Special Attack is called “Black Sun”. A Black Sun appears behind of him and sends 6 Black Asteroids to the target. Then the sun is also sent straight to the target, dealing 50% splash damage to all nearby enemies.
Cost: Can only be used when Overlimit is ready.

Damage for each asteroid: 500
Sun’s Damage: 1000
Splash: 500
Total Damage: 4000

Info For all characters mencioned.
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