BF2142 HD Textures...Realllly?

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BF2142 HD Textures...Realllly?

Post by RoboCop » Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:41 pm

It's been 4 months since "Project Remaster" started. At the very beginning mod had simple goals like improved vanilla maps and textures but it quickly expanded by support of hardcore BF2 modders. Now it aims to improve many more aspects of good old BF2142.

Battlefield 2142 was one of over 50 EA games shut down in June 2014 following the closure of hosting service GameSpy. Game went live again only by BF2142 revive project. Remaster project wouldn't be possible without help of BF2142 revive project!

Goals for spring release:

Reworked primary and secondary weapon set animations.
Finish vanilla BF2142 map improvements
HD menu icons for all maps
Basic HD texture pack
Convert new hi-poly weapon models to game.

"MKS" Tactical sniper rifle hi-poly render.

Mod will likely to get some custom weapons. However, they need to be exported and animated. So far it's planned to add one sniper rifle (with few variations), SMG, assault rifle and few more heavy weapons.

Modification also come up with vanilla BF2142 maps modifications (increased view distances, lighting, some maps are completely overhauled, for example "Cerbere landing Twilight"). However, those overhauled maps remain as optional choise and won't replace original map, so in menu choise player will have two versions of single map as example. However, there are going to be few such overhauls.

HD textures is another very important feature which needs to be clearly discussed. User will be able to simply put HD textures files in mod's folder to load mod with all the pretty stuff. It might have major FPS impact for weaker pc so it's a major point why it's going to be released as optional only. Very easy to install and remove!

However, not everything can be retextured as higher resolution textures make game engine less stable. Before it was planned to retexture everything, but after some testing and research it was considered to balance between image quality and stability. (Game executable crash after exceed memory useage limit). However, it handles nearby 200 texture replacements at least twice as big as before without getting unstable.

It's also planned to rework every existing weapon animation. For the first release it will include primary and secondary weapon sets only. Also theoricaly is possible to feature prone animations for every item/weapon, but it's way more complex addon and unlikely to be developed quickly. ... d-concepts reallllllly?

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Re: BF2142 HD Textures...Realllly?

Post by Gene2142 » Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:54 pm

oOoo this sound promising :mrgreen:
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