Guide on how to spot and report a player cheat

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Guide on how to spot and report a player cheat

Post by RoboCop » Sun May 07, 2017 2:29 pm

Our [APG] servers are not 100% cheat proof, because of the ways that hackers can bypass anti-cheats that make VAC and PB useless. But even if we use like "pureless" server settings that could block friendly custom content that are used to enhance their gameplay convenience, makes our server open to be targeted by hackers that can take advantage in pureless servers.

VAC is not guaranteed to detect WallHacking very often, as they does not detect "content hacks". ... advantages

However we don't use VAC and PB alone as they are defenceless when they fail those WallHacks Detections. Because our servers also uses some 3rd Party Anti-Cheat tools: such as HLGuard, AGuard, zBlock, DBlocker, SourceMod Anti-Cheat and some plugins that could block AimBot and WallHacking.

But unfortunately the internet is tackling harder on challenging Malwares, Viruses as well as PC Criminals that can exploit not just our [APG] servers, but other GameServers too. They are some illegal hacking apps that are used for players who can exploit and can corrupt our gameplay in our servers. ... 1494162547

TF2 is a Free 2 Play game that can benefit for poor players to enjoy the game, but the problem is that hackers can take advantage of those F2P games that they don't have their money at stake, except their Steam Accounts. ... 1494162660

CS servers appear to be the worst by being targeted by hacker players, because of the popularity that some admins cannot have the time to review or monitor those hacks.

So "How can I detect and report a player cheating?" you may ask. Well first of all for Source-Based servers like CSGO and TF2, what you need to do is to go into Spectate Mode, bring in the Steam Console by pressing the [~] key (depending if your keyboard in a English Format). Then type "record <DEMONAME>" and Spectate the suspect player but ONLY in 1st Person Mode PLEASE! Once you are finished or if the suspect has left the server. Bring in the Console again and type "stop" to stop the recording. Taking some Screenshots to the key hacks in action are optional too. And after that just attach the .dem files in this Sub-Board or E-mail it me, and we will monitor the demo and see if this suspect will be suspended from being caught cheating.

After we caught the suspect red-handed, you will be given our greatest appreciation and loyalty that you will deserve a medal!

For more information please look at those useful Anti-cheating guide below, and this explains why our Website doesn't store Illegal Hacking apps in our downloads. ... =101570860
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